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A First Wave Quaranzine / Spring 2020

Curated By Matthew Rose 

Essay By Dan Cameron

Coronaville Artists:

Antic Ham 

Allan Bealy 

Anke Becker 

Ricardo Bloch 

Mike Cockrill 

Keith Donovan 

Ron English 

Grace Graupe-Pillard 

John Himmelfarb 

Sophie Oldsman 

Tanja Ostojić & Leonard Rych 

Rick Prol 

Matthew Rose 

Trey Speegle 

Lori Taschler 

Caterina Verde 

Gloria Zein

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Featuring 18 amazing artists and 46 images to colour

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I would like to kindly encourage you to make donation to the following charity project –by artist friend of mine Selman Selma — that enables Romni (Roma) girls from slums of Bihać, Bosnia and Hercegovina, to get schooling stipend:

Get the Heck to school/Marš u školu

Thank you very much,

Tanja Ostojić

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The Coronaville Artist Coloring Book has been brought to you by generous artists and writers working through the pandemic as the virus screams across our planet. The goal of the coloring book is to lighten our load and brighten the road ahead as we find ways to manage our strange new world.

The Coronaville Artist Coloring Book is totally, completely, gloriously free – and thank you for downloading the book. If you can, please print up a few copies for others to enjoy, color and share.

We encourage all to upload the Coronaville Coloring Book PDF to a server or Google Drive and share the download link on Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube (make a video!), LinkedIn, WeChat, QQ, Blog, Twitter, SnapChat, TikTok, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest, your website or the newest, latest and greatest platform.

E-mail the link to your friends, relatives, associates, exes of all flavors, neighors or send to magazine editors and writers, newspapers, online publications and editors, radio stations, television folks, etc.

If you have a small business, gallery, restaurant or a a list of customers, clients and friends, send them The Coronaville Artist Coloring Book as a way to stay in touch, say hello and maintain contact. It will help, we believe, put a little color back into their lives and our lives.

The Coronaville Artist Coloring Book can also be used to help generate needed funds for local artists, musicians, social workers, food kitchens, nurses, hospitals and others in need at this time. Find a group you admire, add a donation button for them. The Corona Artist Coloring Book can be a valuable and useful tool for those in need to help them –and us– get through the pandemic.

But do enjoy The Coronaville Artist Coloring Book. Print up many copies and feel free to color inside or outside the lines.

Stay safe, take care of your family, friends and neighbors, with love…

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Tanja Ostojić´s work in The Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin

I am pleased that my work “Politics of Queer Curatorial Positions: After Rosa von Praunheim, Fassbinder and Bridge Markland” (in collaboration with Dr M. Grzinic) has been included in the “Homosexuality_ies” exhibition that opens today in The Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin. The exhibition is covering a total area of 1600 square meters, and documents 150 years of the history, politics and culture of homosexual women and men in Germany. The exhibition shows how same-sex sexuality and non-conformist gender identities have been criminalized through legislation, pathologized in medicine and excluded from society. It traces the legislative development of Paragraph 175 of the German penal code, which made “homosexual acts” punishable by law. Paragraph 175 took effect in 1872, underwent massive harshening in the Nazi era and was retained thereafter, being definitively voided in 1994. In addition to social repression, the exhibition also addresses the liberation movements of gay men and lesbian women, movements which took on a new dynamic after the legal liberalization in the 1960ies and transformed society‘s understanding of sex and gender identity.


Works by international artists such as Monica Bonvicini, Louise Bourgeois, Heather Cassils, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, Nicole Eisenman, Lee Lozano, Jeanne Mammen, Zanele Muholi, Henrik Olesen, Tanja Ostojić and Andy Warhol comment on the exhibition‘s themes in a variety of ways.

The section of the exhibition on view at the Deutsches Historisches Museum focuses on historical developments in the fields of society, politics, art, law and science since the “discovery” of homosexuality in the mid-19th century. The section of the exhibition on view at the Schwules Museum* consists of contemporary artworks and addresses the present and future of gender codes and sexualities.

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